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On-line double conversion topology


  • AC to DC and DC to AC (double conversion) of the utility power

  • A continuously running rectifier/charger and inverter in the primary power path

  • No voltage drop out or transfer time associated with the inverter

  • All circuits are always operating at full power before and after power line failure

  • Independent output & input voltage

Benefits to the customer

The UPS doesn’t only run during power outage. Whatever the power line quality, the UPS operates continuously to provide pure power (perfect sineware in output).On-line double conversion technology meets highly critical equipment requirements for running applications 24h/day, 365 days a year.

High performance

Very wide input voltage window from 84 to 264 V without using batteries.
If you use up to 50% of the UPS output load capability, you can select 84V, 66% of the UPS output load capability, you can select 120V, 100% of the UPS output load capability, you can select 160V to 265V.
So perfect adjustment to distorted and poor electrical network. Battery is less used, battery life duration is increased.

High tech battery charger

  • 2 hours to recover 80% backup time after a complete discharge of the battery

  • long battery lifetime since battery management takes into account battery manufacturer parameters, ambient temperature and aging

  • deep discharge protection to avoid battery destruction

Efficiency (output watt/input watt) :

  • 93% for 6 & 12 Kva, 92% for 4.5 & 9 Kva for a lower operating cost.

Backfeed protection device is on the bypass line.

  • It avoids flow of battery current upstream of the UPS during operation in battery mode.

High availability and reliability

High availability

  • Cold start : you can start your equipment even if utility power is down

  • Automatic by-pass in case of overload or UPS fault. Your application keeps on running

  • The electronics and battery modules are hot-swappable

High reliability

  • Redundant capabilities

  • Galvanic isolation via the output transformer (in option)


  • Comet Extreme supports the customer up to 12 kVA

  • The customer can add extended batteries whenever it needs

Overload capabilities

  • Overload capability : 130% for 60s, 160% for 10s, 250% for 1s

Advanced communications

  • 1 RS232/U-Talk port

  • 2 additional communication slots for SNMP card, 2 RS232 U-Talk or Basic (volt-free contacts) ports, RS232 or RS485 Jbus/ModBus, 6 relay contacts 250V 2A, USB, 2 RS232 COM ports (HID protocol), 2 AS400 (volt-free contacts) or/and remote shutdown ports

  • Solution-Pac (certified "Unicentered bronze" by Computer Associates) for local or remote administration

  • UPS-driver to customize the UPS parameters

Customizable parameters via UPS-Driver

  • Conditions on/off

  • Automatic start (on/off). When the power comes back, the UPS switches on or remains off.

  • Cold start (on/off)

  • Shutdown of the UPS via software (on/off)

  • Sleep mode (on/off). If there is no load or very small load, the UPS will switch off to protect batteries

  • Battery

  • Automatic battery test (None/everyday/once a week/once a month)
    Low battery alarm (select up to 99%)

  • Output/Input

  • Output voltage rating (up to 12 kVA)

  • Frequency (50/60hz)

  • Voltage window to remain on the main without using battery (84/120/160 to 264V)

  • Overload alarm (up to 12 kVA)

  • Restart after a shut circuit (on/off)

  • Bypass

  • Threshold to automatic by-pass (min and max)

Return on Investment

  • Our philosophy is the protection doesn't have to account for more than 10% of the protected equipment ; we've done it with Comet Extreme

  • You avoid any expensive stop of the server : redundant and a few modules to avoid the multiple points of failure

  • The space is expensive, Comet Extreme uses a small room : 8 U for 6 kVA with 9 minutes of back-up time, 13U for 12kVA with 9 minutes of back-up time

  • You will save up to 15% in your electric bill via :

    • the input power factor correction that enables Comet Extreme to take only the power that it needs from the utility

    • the efficiency of Comet Extreme : 93%

  • A new charger for a longer battery life duration

  • You pay only for your need : you can customize your solution

Extremely easy...

... to install

  • Quick start included. No field engineer required

... to use

... to order

  • A unique part number for a complete solution

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